Three Women (1977)

3 Women is Robert Altman’s most unconventional of films. In fact, the film doesn’t really have a genre. One could say it’s a drama, but the film is to comical to really be seen as dramatic. The film could be called a comedy, but it has so many points of horror to keep that brand. You can also claim it as a horror film, but the terror is nowhere near as consistent to actually be seen as a horror film. It is all three of those genres, yes. But it is not solely one or the other, and had I categorized DVDs at a video store, I would make it have its very own shelf. 3 Women is almost impossible to review, or talk about, because the film is just so complex and dreamy. It’s unforgettable, for sure, and it stirs one’s thoughts. But it is still on the verge of impossible to carry on a conversation about the film. 3 Women is a masterpiece, and it is worth seeking out. Even if you may not understand a bit of it.

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