Like a rainbow in the dark!

…somewhere over the rainbow…nah, DIOOOO!!!! 😛

Obs: aí no meio das fotos tem a tal da “rainbow rose” = rosa arco-íris. Nem sabia que isso existia!!! Vocês já tinham visto?? Só louco pra fazer dessas mesmo 😛


It’s been 2 years since he’s gone…and it also turns out to be 1 year of the death of a very beloved aunt of mine, and my grandpa’s birthday (he died 20 years ago), so, what better song to celebrate life and death!

Faz 2 anos que ele morreu…e também faz 1 ano que uma prima minha muito querida morreu, e a data também coincide com o aniversário natalício do meu avô paterno, que morreu há 20 anos. Nada melhor para celebrar vida e morte do que essa música!

This Is Your Life

Who cares what came before
We were only starlight
One day, then nevermore
Because we’re whispers in the wind
Once upon a time
The world was never blind
Like we are
Right now it seems
You’re only dreams and shadows
If wishes could be eagles how you’d fly
This is your life
This is your time
What if the flame won’t last forever
This is your here
This is your now
Let it be magical
Who cares what came before
We’re only starlight
Once upon the time
All the world was blind
Like we are
This is your life
This is your time
Look at your world
This is your life