Science? Religion? Both? Or is it all just plain….crap? :P

Do you believe in God – or in a creative force of some sort, whatever you call it (doesn’t matter which religion you follow, or even if you follow none, or if you’re creationist or if you think the Big Bang happened – I for one think the big bang happened AND that God exists – does that sound contradictory to you?)? Or in miracles (in a very matter-of-factly way, not those types of miracles with apparitions and strong lights, angels and the like…)? Or in both? Is it all superstition, mythology and make-believe that we humans have invented to make ourselves feel more comfortable with the idea of life and of  death? If so, how come humans of all historic periods and in so many different places have done pretty much the same thing (with variations, of course, but I guess it all boils down to spirituality of some sort)? What about the human mind, do you believe in it? Are you an atheist but still you believe in the power of prayer and/or thought, in the sense that they could perhaps change material reality? And/or do you think that science has also, in many ways, become a religion? 😉 (read more below the image gallery)

Well, even if I’m a religious person (and yes, I have read Freud’s thoughts on religions, and Nietzsche – which reminds me of the funniest quote/joke I once read in the back of a public toilet door 😛 Someone wrote: ” ‘God is dead.’ – signed: Nietzsche” and then someone else drew an arrow and wrote under it: ” ‘Nietzsche is dead.’ – signed: God” hahahhahahaahhahaha That was so clever, wasn’t it?! 😛 And very funny, even if you don’t agree with it, admit it ;)), many times I have very big doubts about all this “transcendental world” matter…but the funny thing is, in those moments, the worst moments, the moments I doubt the most, or feel worst – about myself, about society, about people in general, about religion, or about the world…and just feel like giving up…something always happens to me. Something weird, and that can’t really be explained.

Everytime something of this type happened, I always told myself that it was nothing but a big coincidence. I believe in God, but I don’t believe in fate…I believe we were given freedom to make our own choices, and bear the consequences of such choices. (then again: sometimes I doubt that belief too, I doubt everything many times in my life  ahhahahahahah 😛 )

My father, unlike me, is a very strong person, and believes in many things unquestionably. I suppose he also went through very serious doubts and debates with other people and with his own self, just like me and everyone else, but as time passed by and he met certain people and saw certain things, he became a much stronger person and firm believer.

Anyway…one of the things he believes in, besides miracles, is “our mental strength”. He thinks the human mind is very powerful and can do a lot of things…as long as we know how to use it (according to him, our science is still very underdeveloped in that sense, which is why we can’t do much along those lines yet).

[I think he got these ideas from reading too much science fiction, articles on conspiracy theories or something…;)]

He believes we can use it in our benefit even in the most trivial things, such as finding a parking space in a very busy area of the city (!), or remembering a word in a foreign language that you’ve only heard/seen once….LOL!!! He also believes that with the help of our minds we can cure (or at least improve in some ways) our own diseases, we can find the job of our dreams, etc…sure, it doesn’t work like magic 😉 It’s not as if you’re going to sit and wait for a job to come knocking at your door 😉 Or you’re sick and won’t go to the doctor, just wishing the disease to go away… but he really thinks that if you mentalize something strongly and constantly, if you try to imagine yourself in the future in that job, or without that disease, in the end you’ll make it. Something like wishful thinking or thinking positive, you know?  Thinking the universe will conspire in your favour…ahhahahah (especially if you’re a good person and are always trying to help others, etc…)

In a nutshell: I don’t believe in those things, and I make fun of him a little ehheheheh  But he did some experiments with me and it worked…silly stuff, like remembering the word, or finding the parking space! But I still have reluctance in accepting any of that, even after many events – I think it’s all a coincidence.What do you think? Am I silly? 😛 (feel free to tell me, I like being aware of my sillyness :P)

…again: a few months ago I saw a documentary about Russian experiments in that area (= mental powers) and they did stuff like testing telepathy skills that people claimed to have, testing people who would bend spoons at a distance (= without touching them), etc. I have to say I was pretty impressed. Especially because the Russians usually take things very seriously and are extremely disciplined, rational and logical. And back in the URSS days, still more so! This documentary I mentioned showed not only regular people doing some pretty amazing things, but also government agencies developing that sort of thing…so, let me repeat the question: am I silly for being skeptical, even after seeing and hearing soooooooo many people, most of them trustworthy (including my father, obviously! ;)), say they believe in those things? And even after some very strange events have taken place with myself?


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